Pricing for Exclusive, Real-Time, Personal Injury Leads


When comparing the cost of our leads versus the leads provided by our competitors, it is important to compare apples to apples. If you haven’t done so, please read the about page, and the how it works page to get a full understanding of the process we use to provide the highest quality personal injury leads for you.

Our personal injury leads are priced at $150.00 each, which is a far superior value than offered by our largest competitor: Pay-Per-Click search engine traffic. Here are some of their prices per click:



These  are prices that you pay per click to get an person to visit your website when he or she is searching for a personal injury lawyer. However, just because a person clicks your ad, does not mean she will call your office to set up an appointment. How many clicks does it take before a website visitor picks up the phone to call? Three? Five? Ten?

Out leads come in the form of actual victims who are calling for an appointment at your office. They are the most valuable personal injury leads in the industry, and are the best value available, for several very important reasons:

First, our personal injury leads are exclusive. Our leads go exclusively to you, and only you. If you’re paying for pay-per-click traffic, the people using a search engine have many choices. They may click and visit your site, and for whatever reason – don’t like the color, the images, the wording, or any of a multitude of reasons – they simply click the back button and visit another site. That’s money down the drain. Compare that to our leads; you don’t pay for wasted clicks – you only pay for genuine leads of injured victims seeking an appointment. Clearly, our exclusive personal injury leads are a much better value.

Additionally, our personal injury leads are instantaneous, meaning you receive them in real-time, at the exact moment the client is reaching out for a personal injury attorney. We know the value of a hot, fresh, exclusive lead. That’s why we’ve structured our system to only provide real-time personal injury leads. You receive the lead at the exact moment the injury victim is reaching out for representation. No delays. No stale leads. Ever.

100% Guaranteed

Lastly, our personal injury leads are guaranteed. Our web properties are listed in the top of the search engines, and as such, they get a lot of visibility. While we do our best to discourage solicitation, from time to time you will receive an invalid lead. We fully understand. We want our customers to be completely satisfied 100% of the time, and we only want to sell you valid, genuine personal injury leads.

While very technologically advanced, our system has no way to know if the lead you received was from a salesperson. So any time you get billed for an invalid lead, just let us know and we will remove the charge and adjust the bill accordingly. You only pay for valid, genuine leads.

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Once again, our injury leads are exclusive. We will only sell leads to one law firm per city. To start receiving the best personal injury leads in the industry, fill out the simple form on the Get Started Now page. Don’t let your competitors gain the upper hand. To capture more personal injury clients and lock out your competitors, Get Started Now.