Meet Our Staff

In our day and age, most aspects of business are automated to the point that you can never speak to a human when contacting customer support, let alone get to know the owners and managers on a personal basis.

We’re not like that. We don’t hide behind an automated system, and we encourage interaction with our clients.

Have a question? We want you to call and speak to us directly. Want to bounce an idea off of us, learn more about how we can help you grow your practice, or have a special request? We’re experts at what we do and we are always happy to hear from you and provide assistance in any way that we can. We pride ourselves not only on our outstanding results, but also on our unmatched level of one-on-one customer service.

You’re NOT a number to us, you’re a human, a client, and the overwhelming reason our company exists.

Please don’t be shy, if you have a desire to contact us for any reason, simply head over to the contact page and give us a call. We always answer our phone lines personally, and look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a little more info about our small staff:

Cathy Young

Cathy PosingCathy is the office manager, client representative, bookkeeper, billing, and all around go-to gal. If she doesn’t answer the phone, she is likely on another line, researching an issue for a client, or has stepped out of the office briefly.

Always cheerful and ready to help, Cathy is always at the ready to answer your questions.






Chris Carter

Chris Posing4