The Personal Injury Leads Difference.

  • Highest Quality Personal Injury LeadsHighest Quality Personal Injury Leads.

    Because we specialize in organic search-generated leads, we reach injury victims searching specifically for personal injury attorneys. We offer guaranteed, exclusive, real-time, laser-targeted leads by the city or cities of your choice.

  • No Contracts

    We know your law firm cares about results, so it’s important that we continuously earn your business with a quality product. If you are not happy with our leads for any reason, you can cancel at any time. Pay only for qualified, targeted leads!

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Our team of support professionals is always ready to offer free email and phone assistance, in addition to 24/7 account access.

  • Advanced Targeting

    Receive only the injury leads that make sense for your firm! Free geographic targeting by city, zip code and state.

  • You’re in Control

    We only accept one attorney/law firm per city. All the leads we receive from that locale will go directly to you, and none of your competitors. Once a city has been spoken for, you can be placed on the waiting list to acquire leads from that locale. You can choose to receive leads from as many cities as you’d like, subject to availability.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy

    Take and advantage of our no-risk return policy that gives you FULL PRICE credit for invalid leads. Our web properties are listed in the top of the search engines, and as such, they get a lot of visibility. While we do our best to prevent solicitation, from time to time you will receive an invalid lead. We fully understand. We want you to be completely satisfied 100% of the time, and we only want to sell you valid, genuine leads.

    While very technologically advanced, our system has no way to know if the lead you received was from a salesperson. So any time you get billed for an invalid lead, just let us know and will remove the charge and adjust the bill accordingly. You only pay for valid leads.